Onii-kei Fashion Style Subcultures In Japan Fashion

Men Fashion - In Japan, not only women who can follow the development of fashion style, there are also men do not want to lose. One kind of street style [Street Fashion] that originated in Japan aimed at men is Onii-kei. Style which if taken literally means "big brother style". This expresses the fashion trend for men that looked "wild", casual and sexy.

Onii-kei Fashion style by combining Ame-kaji [American Casual] and Ita-kaji[Italian Causal] with a touch of rocker to create a glamorous and sexy look. Before Onii-kei style emerged, there Onee-kei style, or the style of "older sister", which began around 1996, when a sexy style and casual fashion, known as the "Gals" was adopted by a large number of girls - teenage girl with dyed hair and dominates dark skin street style in Shibuya neighborhood, around 2000, the girls - the girls have grown up gals and started wearing dresses to look mature.
 Onii-kei style began as an evolution of style Gyaru-o, male version - man of style Gals. Around the year 2006, the fashion media in Japan created a new word, Onii-kei, to describe a style similar to Onee-kei aimed at men. Onii-kei style then later grows among young men who find themselves ready to switch to a more mature look. Now many of the men who have "graduated" from the display and Gyaru-o switch to Onii-kei style.
Male - male Onii-kei style is very fanatical about objects - objects that complement branded the entire appearance with accessories such as belts, waist bags, watches and other accessories.
And it is also, shaggy hairstyle known "wolf hair"
It might look cool for men because look macho, or what do you call. This one I'm browsing on google and wikipedia japan. And japan fashion website, Blogwalking.

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Every Woman Has A Handbag Fashion !!

Fashion accessories - every woman must have a handbag that is comfortable in the hand and are necessary for women's accessories, there must be a purpose because of the accessories themselves. Many women who fill the contents of the bag with unused items such as gloves, cosmetics and perfume ?? maybe there usefulness.  
Well I do not know the contents of the bag because the women do not see it's just tough in the newspaper. Only actual handbag bag while perhaps the most common contents such as mobile phones. and various causes may exceed capacity. 
Just because the bag was taken a short term or brought to the reception or party. Because we feel comfortable with a handbag.
Handbag trend now again many fans artists imitating his favorite artists for wanting trendy. Last year the handbag style is retro model or age 90 ". Perhaps because of another trend. Such as bags kelly bags, it's just that I know in the news paper last year.

Tips may be useful to you if you want to carry a handbag

if there is a short ceremony wearing just a simple handbag, and if the old show use only a little larger. And there are shoulder bags, again easier Customize your clothes by color alone. Believe it or not trying on a purse is just as important as trying on clothes. Even though a purse is just an accessory, wearing the wrong style, size or shape can really ruin your look.

If you want to buy a handbag easily bought online course, go to websites like amazon, ebay, other Fashion Shop Online.
Type of bag that you know like the Duffel Bag, Clutch Bag, Tote Bag, Satchel Bag,  Hobo Bag, Field Bag, Cigar Box, Baguette Bag, Massenger Bag.

They reflect your style, show the world who you are and make you look unique. So, it's essential to be Able to choose the piece that is close to you. And it is as important to stay in trend.